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KLONDIKE, CP Army HQ – Welcome to the first edition of “Forgotten Gems”! In this column, we discuss prominent armies and people that seem to have slipped our minds. This week, we’ll be focusing on Vinny, a 2013 Club Penguin Army Legend and one of the greatest leaders of the Army Republic.

On August 18th, 2007, Mr. Geggie and 122344a created the Army Republic. It started out as a two member group and grew tremendously. The Army Republic that we now remember as one of the top legendary armies ever has had its fair share of drama and ups and downs. 

The first generation of Army Republic, led by its creators for the most part, died in 2009. It stayed that way, until 122344a returned in early 2010 to revive the army. In September 2010, he met Burritodaily (also known as Burr), who went on to become one of the top leaders of the army. The army died once again in the end of 2010.

During the summer of 2011, 122344a brought the Republic back, leading with Burritodaily. During this time, Vinny joined the army and soon reached the leader rank. Together, these three heroes worked hard and led the army into a ‘Golden Age’ over the summer. Unfortunately, the army started declining in October. Despite the best efforts of Burritodaily and Vinny, it never managed to recover. Eventually, the duo rebranded the army into ‘CPA’. Despite leading the army for a short time, Vinny had established himself as a reputed leader.

Event pic of an AR event in 2012In 2012, Vinny and 122344a drafted the infamous ‘122344a Doctrine’. Burr made a promise that along with Vinny, he would help the army “become something”. The doctrine was a list of rules that served as a mechanism to guarantee that AR would remain alive. Eventually, the army started progressing forward, with Vinny leading the army alongside several other leaders. By the time AR was back and strong on its feet, the World War VI between the White Alliance and the Black Alliance was at its highest level of intensity. The Army Republic decided to take action. Vinny collaborated with several other Army Legends, and under him the army spearheaded the White Alliance. The Black Alliance faced defeat in January 2013, bringing an end to the war.

However, things took a harsh turn when some of the other leaders of the Republic, under Capncook, rebelled against Vinny and Burrito. The blow was worsened as the Dark Warriors and the Light Troops both declared war upon the army in its state of vulnerability. The Light Troops repeatedly invaded their empire and left them with just one server. At the end of this war, the army was close to its death. However, Vinny and Burr implemented a plan called the “Operation Destrieux”, which aimed to turn them into the largest superpower armies had ever seen. Over time, Army Republic began steadily rising once again.


“February 2013, we had just finished war with LT, we were on the verge of death, nothing but our capitol server Toboggan. We had asked ACP’s help before we were on our knees, but the ACP said “You will get out of this on your own”. They were out of war, and decided to focus on something else. In my eyes, that is major disrespect, for an army I never liked but had respect for, they didn’t only back stab us, they let us virtually die. Since then, we’ve been waiting for the perfect time to declare war, and now is the time.”

– Vinny, declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin in July 2013 after several acts of hostility. 

AR vs Light Troops

With lots of new recruits and new hope, Vinny and Burrito began a revenge campaign. Within three months of being slaughtered in the battlefield by the Light Troops, Vinny and Burrito made a comeback and dominated the army. They did the same thing the Light Troops had done to them, and by the end of the war, the Light Troops were left with just one server. They moved on to their next enemy, SWAT. This war earned another victory for the already shining laurels of the duo nicknamed “Vindaily”.


Under the leadership of Vindaily, the Army Republic would go on to fight against several major armies such as the Army of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation and the Dark Warriors. Soon after their successes on the battlefield, they had a series of amazing events, even earning second place in the Top Ten. Vinny and Burritodaily had finally achieved their goal of being considered as a superpower. From then, the Army Republic remained in the Top 3 for a long time.

AR conquering RPF capital Tuxedo in 2013

A picture of an event held before Vindaily retired in 2014

Vinny had a huge impact on the Army Republic and the CPA community itself. Without him, the army would have never entered the golden age it had in 2013. Every time the Army Republic started falling into a depression, the Vindaily duo would return to help it get back on its feet. Vinny pioneered many of the pillars that kept the Republic alive and strong. He revolutionized the army from what it was in 2010 to its glory days, helping it max as high as 40-50 on a regular basis. Often claimed to be the greatest war general ever seen in his reign, he received Legend status in 2013 for his contribution to the Army Republic. In recent interviews, 122344a claims, “Vin was essentially a natural leader and good at confrontations”. He was said to be the more reserved person between him and Burr, but also excelled at foreign relations and war time counsel.

Unfortunately, he is not remembered by most of the community of the new era.

What do YOU think? Is Vinny truly a Forgotten Gem? Is he still worthy of his CP Legend Status? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. Coolster114 April 18, 2021 (6:17 pm)

    This was a fun read. I’d argue Vinny isn’t exactly a ‘forgotten’ gem because not everyone is remembered as a major army Legend after all, but good post nonetheless!

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