Top Ten Armies [4/4/21-4/10/21]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- In a stark contrast from last weeks Top Ten, the first full week of April gives us shocking changes at the summit of the rankings.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [86.80]

2. Army of Club Penguin [+1] [83.42] 

3. Ice Warriors [-2] [83.09]

4. Help Force [+0] [73.07]

5. Water Vikings [+0] [56.60]

6. Silver Empire [+0] [55.78]

7. Templars [+0] [47.25]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [47.10]

9. People’s Imperial Confederation [+0] [34.43]

10. Red Ravagers [+0] [33.24]

<><><><>Close to Top Ten<><><><>

11. Fire Warriors [+0] [29.27]

12. Pizza Federation [+1] [14.50]

13. Roumachos [NEW!] [13.50]

14. Blue Ravagers [-2] [12.32]

15. Royal Penguins [NEW!] [10.00]

16. Coffee Beans Army [NEW!] [7.50]

17. Cries Cult [NEW!] [6.50]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had another busy week with 8 events. They started the week with an AUSIA U-Lead event, maxing 40. Next came their first “Alice in Wonderland” themed event, maxing 48 at their US event. Then, they they had a funky hat event, maxing an impressive 64. The Rebels had an AUSIA umbrella event next, maxing 37. Later that day, they had a EU/US candy pizzatron tournament, with a max of 55. The next day came with an US bunny-themed event, where they had a max of 58 troops. Next, they had an AUSIA scavenger hunt with a max of 40. They ended their week with a divison practice battle with the Fire Warriors, maxing 53.

2. Army of Club Penguin: Army of Club Penguin were busy with many battles and a celebration this week, holding a total of eight events. They started the week off with a parade and party to celebrate their achievements, maxing 40. Next, their AUSIA Division held a Soldiers of Steel Training event, maxing 37. 46 troops went to their next event, which was the Clover Games Tournament. After that they held Operation: Clover Heist, with 35 in attendance. Their next event was their first battle of many this week, a frog themed battle with Help Force that maxed 52. They held a training the next day to prepare for their next week of events, maxing 47. They maxed 51 at their next battle, a throwback to the Color Wars, battling with Help Force, Water Vikings, and Silver Empire. They finished their action-packed week with a Max 49 battle, paying tribute to their historic enemies, Romans, Underground Mafias Army, and Nachos.

3. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held six events this past week. To kick off their week, they celebrated their March Madness victory, with a total of 53 partiers in attendence. This was soon followed by an AUSIA U-lead event. A total of 46 attended. Soon following, they faced off against the Water Vikings in a friendly practice battle with a max of 49. After their practice battle, the warriors held another AUSIA event, with 41 attending. They then battled against the Templars with 50 penguins attending the battle. To round out their week, they held a training/dance contest with 50 penguins attending.

4. Help Force: The Help Force saw a bit more activity this week, hosting five events.  They kicked things off with a blacksmith takeover, accruing 40 troops.  They maxed 40 again at their next event, a frog themed EU event.  The Helpers then battled SWAT in a practice battle, obtaining sizes of 42 troops.  After this, they participated in the Color Wars four way battle as Team Yellow, reaching sizes of 49!  To close out the week, they hosted a mop-centric AUSIA event, where they saw 49 troops log on.

5. Water Vikings: Water Vikings had another busy week, holding six events again. Their week began with a battle in their Atlantic vs Pacific Civil War, maxing 27 between the two. Next, they fought the Ice Warriors in battle, with a max of 38. Their next event was a U-Lead, attended by 31 Vikings. 22 troops attended their next event, a reenactment of the Color Wars with Army of Club Penguin, Silver Empire, and Help Force. They held another practice battle after that with their allies, Silver Empire, maxing 20. Their Atlantic and Pacific divisions duked it out again in their next Civil War Battle to end the week, with a max of 24.

6. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a packed week with a total of 6 events. They started off their week on a Tuesday with a Bunny Takeover with 25 bunnies present. Then the day after, the Silver Empire had a practice battle and dance contest against the Pizza Federation, in which 32 silvers attended. Later on in the day, another event was held on CPR, Red Takeover, 30 red penguins attended. On Friday, the Silver Empire had a practice battle agains their allies the Water Vikings with 16 penguins attending. Later on in the day, the Silver Empire took part in a 15 year anniversary event of the traditional Color Wars Battle against Help Force, Army of CP and Water Vikings. No army was deemed the victor and the Silver Empire had 24 of their silvers attend. To finish their exciting week, the Silver Empire had another Dance Contest in which they maxed 30 dancing penguins.

7. Templars: The Templars had a quiet week, only holding four events. Their week kicked off with their 3 year anniversary, with 28 penguins in attendance. They soon hosted two trainings, with 35 and 24 troops in attendance respectively. Their final events was a staff lead event, where 30 troops attended.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics held 4 events this week. On Monday, the army held a training event, with 22 penguins present. Then followed a unscheduled training event to prepare for their battle against the Help Force on Wednesday, with 25 penguins attending. On the next day, they had a practice battle against the Help Force with 30 penguins present.  To finish their week, 18 penguins attended a training event.

9. People’s Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation had a busy week with a total of 6 events. To begin the week, the PIC held a Return to CPChapter 2 event with a max of 12. Soon after they hosted an AUSIA Operation Bugs Bunny event with a max of 10. Next up was an Operation Security Bureau event which saw a max of 13 troops. A Talent Show event not long after saw a max of 13 yet again. Continuing their decent run, the PIC held a Hawaiian Lei Parade event with a max of 15. An AUSIA Camera Crew event to close out the week witnessed 9 troops in attendance.

10. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers had a relaxing week with a total of 5 events. They started with an AUSIA Mod Lead event, maxing 9. They had another AUSIA event the next day, with a max of 12 at an impromptu event. They went on to have an EU mop event, maxing 7 and cleaning the entirety of CPRewritten. They had one last AUSIA event the next day, this time a training event with a max of 9. They ended the week with an US Speed Training event with a max of 10.

In the wake of the Ice Warriors thrilling March Madness victory last week, they took their foot off the gas this week.  Hosting just six events, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin both managed to jump the Icemen, largely attributed to their eight events in comparison.  While the rest of the Top Ten doesn’t budge, the scores have once again become ultra tight, making the headline for next weeks Top Ten already in motion.  Lastly, the ACP colonies returned to action this week.  They were joined by the Roumachos, a new army that may or may not hold another event ever again.

What do YOU think about the latest edition of the Top Ten Armies? Are you surprised with how it turned out?  Will IW bounce back next week? Let us know in the comments!


CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

Top Ten Committee 

DMT, Pranav, Ferd, Snork, Flav, Myth

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