March Madness Final Four Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The 4 Top CP Armies are all set to face off in the Final Four after surpassing the Elite Eight. Who will head into the Championship?

This week we inch closer to the end of CPAHQ’s first tournament. Four of the top armies in CPA, are all set to go against each other on the 27th. Which 2 armies will see their Final Battle within the Final Four and which 2 will rise to the Championship? Here’s what our predictions say.

Saturday, March 27th


Army of Club Penguin vs Rebel Penguin Federation

Starting off the Final Four, Army of CP are pitted up against the Rebel Federation. The 2 armies with a past against each other set out to battle to get to the final championship, although RPF proves to be bigger, will the Army of CP rise to the occasion and secure a fantastic win? Or will the Rebels move on unharmed?


DMT, Director-in-Chief: Army of Club Penguin
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Rebel Penguin Federation
Snork, Board of Advisors: Army of Club Penguin
Fusion, Content Manager: Army of Club Penguin


Ice Warriors vs Help Force

Up against the Ice Warriors, Help Force. IW, coming in first in recent Top Tens is set to battle the Help Force. HF, known to drastically increase their max on massive battles places this battle to be a nail biter. Will HF unleash some massive sizes and progress to Finals? Or will Ice Warriors freeze HF out of the tournament?


DMT, Director-in-Chief: Ice Warriors
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: Help Force
Snork, Board of Advisors: Ice Warriors
Fusion, Content Manager: Help Force

With the predictions almost splitting, it seems like anything can be expected in the 2021 March Madness. Who do you think will win? Let us know your thoughts and comments below! 


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