CPAHQ Presents: March Madness Bracket Challenge

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Pundits, armchair analysts, and viewers of the world.  CPAHQ is proud to share a brand new, community wide contest!

What is the Bracket Challenge?

The Bracket Challenge is a contest where anyone and everyone will be able to submit their predictions for the upcoming tournament.  Then, every prediction will be scored based on the predictions that were made.  The bracket that finishes with the most points will not only get a prize that is TBD, but will be crowned the ‘Master of Bracketology’, or simply put: the winner!

How does it work?

In the CPAHQ discord server, there will be two channels.  One channel will be for submitting your predictions.  The submission format has been listed in that channel, so make sure to follow it when you are submitting your bracket.  The other channel will be for updates throughout the tournament.  We will be updating each participants standings on a Google sheet, so everyone can easily keep track of how many points they currently have.  Please note that scoring will take time, and may not be instantly up to date.  The scoring systems works as such:

  • 1 point for correctly predicting a winner of a match.
  • 3 points for correctly predicting the room score of a match.
  • 6 points for correctly predicting an overtime match.*

*= To correctly predict an overtime match, you must get the room score right and the winner right.  If the room score is wrong or the winner is wrong, you will not receive any points for the match.

The ways to score are exclusive from each other.  Meaning, if you predict the winner of a match AND the room score of the match correctly, you get 4 points.  If you predict the winner of a match correctly, but you don’t predict the room score of a match correctly, you only get one point.  Correctly predicting an overtime match requires a correct prediction of the winner and room score of a match, therefore, you would get 10 points.

If you still have questions about scoring, contact DMT (DMT#4402) on Discord via private DM.

In addition to the google sheet, we will also be providing interesting developments from the contest.  Is your bracket one of the last perfect brackets?  Did your bracket correctly predict an ‘upset’?  CPAHQ Director-in-Chief DMT and Content Manager Grayrockett will be monitoring for that and more, giving your predictions the chance to be in the spotlight!

What are the rules?

  • Participants are limited to ONE entry.  If a user is found submitting more than one entry, all of their submitted entries will be disqualifed.
  • The deadline to submit a bracket is 11:59 PM EST on March 12th, 2021.  The bracket submission channel will be made private once the deadline has been passed.  Participants can edit their brackets until the channel is made private.
  • Any participant who uses the bracket submission channel to communicate will have their bracket disqualified.  The channel is meant for bracket submissions only.

The Bracket Challenge is LIVE as of the publishing of this post.  Head over to the CPAHQ Discord server and get started there!


CP Army Headquarters Director-in-Chief

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