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The Secret To Success: Inside the Armies That Remained Open

Klondike, CPA Headquarters – While most armies shutdown during the shutdown of our beloved league, some armies remained open and thriving. Some even grow stronger through it. How did these armies fare? 

With the uncertainty that we all witnessed just a few short months ago, the future was something that was unknown to the majority of the community. Some armies decided that it was best for them to discontinue Club Penguin related events for the forseeable future. Some armies even went as far to say that they will be closing permanently, with no revival in sight. However, there were also some armies that decided to stick together and continue hosting events on a CPPS. Today we will be diving into why the armies that remained open, decided to do so.

CPA Headquarters reached out to some of the leaders of armies that decided to stay open.

Mare, a leader at the Special Weapons and Tactics


Nathan: Why did you not shutdown SWAT as an army when CPAH was disbanded?

Mare: SWAT never backs out no matter what’s happening.

Nathan: Was it different battling without a league?

Mare: It was definitely different without the entire TT stuff, but I feel like it was also helpful. This transition has only been making us work harder and work together as a strong team. It gave us a chance to work on ourselves and have a fun time!

Nathan: Do you feel that SWAT has become stronger during this time?

Mare: Fo shoooooo, we’re only going up on folks nem grave #mobties


Cosmo, a leader in the Rebel Penguin Federation


Nathan: Why did you not shutdown RPF as an army when CPAH was disbanded?

Cosmo: RPF has existed without the presence of a League or even something as CPAH for a long time. Shutting it down at the time was quite clearly not an option for us. As we are always more than ready to exist without a league or a “news” organisation

Nathan: Was it different battling without a league?

Cosmo: We haven’t have had any battles yet! But they’re more or less the same. Also depends on how compliant your opponent is because without judges sometimes getting a nonbiased result can be hard

Nathan: Do you feel that RPF has become stronger during this time?

Cosmo: RPF has always been strong. Though this time it just showed other armies what we are capable of and showed how much strong RPF is and always will be


And lastly, Barnito, a leader of the Help Force.


Nathan: Why did you not shutdown Help Force as an army when CPAH was disbanded?

Barnito: It was a situation wherein all armies were on red alert and slowly many armies started shutting down. It was an option I considered without any definite reason. Once CPAH was on the verge of shutting down, I decided to cut all connections for the community.

Nathan: Was it different battling without a league?

Barnito: Not really because we never looked into the league aspects in-detail. Help Force has remained isolated from the army communities and not been in constant invasions or wars other than practice battles.

Nathan: Do you feel that HF has become stronger during this time?

Barnito: Yeah absolutely and we want to keep growing stronger.


It seems that these armies fared well! And now they are even stronger and ready for whatever the new year throws at them. What new challenges will these armies face? How will other armies fare against them?



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